We offer a full assortment of DLP lamps for virtually any make and model. We make DLP Lamp Replacement an Easy, Affordable process. Our lamps are all original and carry a one year warranty.


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We provide all types of TV and Electronis Repair in the Kansas City Metro Area. We offer fast and friendly service with pick up and delivery service available. Same day tv service is available in most cases.


To Repair or Replace LCD & LED TVs — That is the Question

Fairway’s Unnecessary Replacements Philosophy– When troubleshooting a TV failure, inexperienced servicers are likely to opt for the easiest route, which is to simply diagnose a bad panel.  This is not the case with Fairway TV, and the reason we are listed as the premier servicer for the KC metro area for many manufactures.

Boards are the likely source of a failure more than 75% of the time. – The average TV replacement cost is about $750, but a 50”-65” flat panel TV can be repaired for less than $375 including parts (even panel replacement)– assuming 20% panel replacement, transportation and labor.  We estimate more than 150,000 TVs are replaced every year that could potentially have been repaired and kept out of the waste stream.  If these estimates are correct, the industry is conservatively losing more than $50 million annually paying out the product value.   Regardless of price, even when a panel is required and available, the overall cost of ownership will be less.

Environment – E-waste and its toll on human health and the environment is like the kitchen of your favorite restaurant: you know it’s probably not good, but you don’t really want to know. However, the reality is recent reports show that the U.S. generates around 9 million tons of e-waste annually, with TVs making up a great portion of it. Toxic chemicals leaking into landfills and potentially contaminating our drinking water is a real concern, and we should collectively be working to minimize the amount of electronics we discard. Fairway TV works to extend the life of TVs by repairing their largest component, the panel, along with the many other printed circuit board components is one way to achieve this.

We are a factory authorized warranty repair center for Sony, Samsung, Toshiba, LG and Mitsubishi.

Our goal is to provide our customers the best possible television services, and to do it in a manner that will encourage them to think of us first for all of their TV service needs as well as to recommend us to others.

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