Why Fairway Electronics?

Seven reasons why you will be glad you selected Fairway for your repair:

  • ACCURACY & COMPLETNESS.  We strive to do what we promise. Being accurate the first time is a major component of Fairways quality. It supports long term relationships with you, our customer, and the manufacturers we represent. It gives you confidence to recommend us to your friends and to continue trusting us to satisfy all your electronic servicing needs.

  • AFFORABILITY. Call to find out our affordable repair process.

  • EXPERIENCE & TECHNOLOGY.  Our company was founded in 1984 and has over 14,000 sastisfied customers! No other service company in the area services more makes and models of equipment period!  We have invested in top technology to keep in front of the ever-shifting markets of electronics. 

  • POLITENESS w/ KNOWLEDGE.  Anyone can say they are a "Joe the Plumber", but everyone appreciates and deserves being greeted with courtesy and treated with respect through out the customer service process.  Politeness improves our relationship as we help you understand the repair service every step of the way. 

  • CLEANLINESS.  Cleanliness in our appearance, facilities, and products help us be accurate and have pride in our work.

  • CONVENIENCE.  If you can't come to Fairway, or hit our metro drop-off sites, you are welcome to ship in your unit for repair from anywhere in the US.

  • EXCEPTIONAL WARRANTY.  You receive a six-month limited warranty on all parts installed by Fairway, and a 30-day limited warranty on labor.


Warranty Numbers

  • Samsung ---- 888-987-4357
  • LG -------------- 800-243-0000
  • Toshiba ------- 800-631-3811
  • Sony ----------- 800-883-6817
  • Mitsubishi ---- 800-332-2119

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